We have produce documentaries connecting with audiences of three continents.

Fixed Stars: Outline of the life and work of Oscar Hahn

Fixed Stars: Outline of the life and work of Oscar Hahn is our film that won an International Award in the Documentary & Short Film Festival of Jakarta Indonesia and it has been screened in different cities in Chile, United States (New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. , Cedar Rapids and Iowa City), Madrid, Salamanca and Paris.

Asian Tarapacá

Short film about the Chinese New Year in “El Morro” Neighborhood, Iquique, Tarapacá Region, Chile. Director: Orlando Torres-Osorio Production: Astromelia Films and G3 Productions.

We have made documentaries for communities, cultural institutions and science content:

Flowers of the desert in Tarapaca’s Coast

Documentary for biologist Raquel Pinto, about flowers phenomenon in the coast of Atacama desert. Camera: Orlando Torres-Osorio. Postproduction: Astromelia Films.

Croats in Tarapacá

Documentary for the Croat Club in Iquique, Tarapacá Region-Chile. Production: Astromelia Films. Directed by: Orlando Torres-Osorio. Cinematography by: Ignacio Elissegaray-Hewstone. Sound: Gonzalo Perucca Quijada

Croats in Antofagasta

Documentary for the Croat Society of Antofagasta, Chile. Production: Astromelia Films. Directed by Orlando Torres-Osorio. Cinematography: Ignacio Elissegaray-Hewstone. Sound: Gonzalo Perucca-Quijada.